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Paris Plans Her Wedding

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Wedding plans are under way for Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis, and all is going well, reports mom Kathy Hilton. Still, they need one very important thing: her dress. “I think she will look in Europe, certainly London and Paris have some of the best shops in the world,” Mom told us at the recent Vanity Fair and Diamonds party in London. And one ceremony just isn’t enough for the hotel heiress. “There will be a wedding in the U.S. and Greece, too.” In fact, the I Want to Be a Hilton host is heading to Latsis’s native country to do some wedding organizing with the betrothed couple.

So, when’s the big day? “It will happen soon – I would say in the next year,” Kathy says. And the speediness of her daughter’s engagement doesn’t worry her. “They have been going out for nearly six months. Some people go out for years and never get engaged.” Paris already has a willing bridesmaid: pal Kimberly Stewart. “She’s asked me to be in the wedding,” Rod’s daughter told us at the Diamonds afterparty, “so we’ll see.”

Wanted: Partial-Insomniac
John Cusack is a veteran of romantic comedies, including his newest entry into the genre, Must Love Dogs with Diane Lane (which opens July 29), but the actor is a rookie when it comes to Internet dating. “I don’t know much about the scene, but I did check out those online dating things and was amazed at how intense they are,” he says.

Cusack, who’s single, has no plans to try his luck at online love, but he does know how his own personal ad would read: “I would probably put ‘Partial-insomniac’ because I stay up half my life. ‘Nice person, sometimes brooding, black-Irish basket case.’ ” But with future technology, he envisions the day when personal ads will become obsolete: “Maybe people will (eventually) go into chat rooms and give each other body scans to get information.”

Caught in the Act
Sean "P. Diddy" Combs partying at the Star Room club in East Hampton, N.Y. The hip-hop mogul snubbed the venue’s VIP balcony for a spot along the main dance floor, where he sat propped on a windowsill with girlfriend Kim Porter and was surrounded by bodyguards. Combs hung for over an hour with his entourage before hopping into an awaiting black Rolls-Royce.

Susan Sarandon, dining at New York City eatery SushiSamba 7 with her kids. They feasted on tuna tartare, samba rolls and seaweed salad.

Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts, holding hands outside New York City’s Town Hall after attending a concert by alt-rockers the Eels. The snuggling couple then went backstage to hang out with band member Mark Oliver Everett.