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February 24, 2005 06:00 AM

No entourages, no diva tantrums – heck, not even first-class travel accommodations are necessary for Matthew McConaughey. When the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star served as grand marshal at the recent Daytona 500, not only did he travel to the speedway in his RV, he stayed in it as well, parked among the regular folks in the middle of the track. “I’m just going around the country. It’s a six-week Great American tour,” said McConaughey, who is promoting his upcoming movie Sahara (opening April 8). And of his RV, an Airstream trailer he nicknamed “The Canoe” and has decorated for the movie, “It’s one of my favorite places. I’ve got a house, but even when I pull into my house, sometimes I sleep in that thing in my driveway. It’s really comfortable. So we’re going on a tour. We’re going to stop at events like this and at military bases, and small towns, everything down to barbecues in the parking lot of the Winn-Dixie or whatever. We’re going to see what happens.” Of his neighbors in the makeshift RV lot, McConaughey – who is traveling with a pal and not girlfriend Penelope Cruz – tells us, “A lot of people have come by. I’ve had some good food with some people, some beers with some people. I’ve traded Sahara hats for racing hats and other hats. I’ve gotten to know a lot of great people.” Among the great people he met is former POW Jessica Lynch, whom the actor asked to dance with at the grand marshal’s dinner. Though Lynch is still on crutches, he twirled her around the floor for the whole song.

Butter Them Up
If it’s Monday, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen can be found at New York hotspot Butter, and Presidents Day was no exception. The twins arrived (and left) separately, and spent the evening dancing and hanging out with friends, including Butter co-owners Richie Akiva and Scott Sartiano (also Ashley’s beau). Also at the club that night: rapper/producer Lil Jon (carrying his trusty diamond-encrusted cup that reads “Crunk Juice”), former NBA-all star Jayson Williams, PR queen Lizzie Grubman, Jamie Gleicher of MTV’s Rich Girls and Manchurian Candidate star Liev Schrieber.

Caught in the Act
Spotted Recently:
Wedding Date star Dermot Mulroney, showing his real-life romantic side by hopping up onstage at L.A. pub Molly Malone’s to play some tunes for his wife, actress Catherine Keener. Mulroney played the cello and mandolin during a set with The Cranky George Trio while the audience cheered him on.

• Designer Kai Milla and her entourage of 20, being denied access to New York club Cain during Spike Lee’s super-crowded party for his new “joint” Miracle’s Boys. That is, until her husband, Stevie Wonder, arrived …


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