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Nicole's Man Burns the Midnight Oil

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So now that he got down on one knee and popped the proverbial question, and Nicole Richie is likely off planning their wedding, what is her intended, DJ AM (real name: Adam Goldstein), doing with his time? Planning a reality show, natch. Says DJ AM: “Let’s just say it’s like Dr. Phil meets DMC DJ battle videotape,” referring to the most prestigious of the DJ contests. Of course, he’ll have to work on the show in between club gigs – every month, he plays four dates in Las Vegas, two in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and one each in London, Manchester, and Toronto. But wait – there’s more: He’s also working on an album. “I have a couple offers, a couple people I’ve been talking to about it,” he told us at the recent Vanity Fair Amped party presented by Guess? in Hollywood. “The (issue) is clearance. It’s a mix tape, so it’s clearing all the songs. If I’m going to put (an album) out, I have to put it out with the music I want: Michael Jackson, Guns N’ Roses, Madonna. It’s really expensive, so it’s tough to make it work.” With all he’s got going on we’re just left wondering when he’ll have time for tux fittings and wedding cake tastings…

Pit Stop
How amazing is The Amazing Race? It felt to us like they barely took any time off between “seasons.” But we got host Phil Keoghan to slow down long enough to chat with us about his life on the road. So, what keeps the Race, which started back up on March 1, fresh for him? “We always go to new places that I hadn’t been to before, and we are also going to be watching teams compete in a different way,” he says. “For me, it’s like having courtside seats to something I find really exciting. As exciting as the fans find watching the show on TV, I get to see an up-front, color version of it and I get a great seat.” Maybe he’s sometimes a bit too close for comfort? “Believe me, I’ve had it all – kissing and hugs and people covered in mud and dung and sweat and fish guts. For whatever reason, (the contestants) love the idea of hugging me no matter what state they’re in. I don’t know if it’s out of relief or what, or whether I should take this as a good sign, but they love to hug me. Sometimes I have to tell them to back off and go have a shower first, because some of them really do stink when they come in!”

Group Effort
Our hopes for an ‘N Sync reunion seem to be dashed for now, but at least two of the guys are working together. We spotted Joey Fatone and Lance Bass at Jamie Foxx’s Los Angeles Confidential magazine pre-Oscar bash in L.A., and they shared their small-screen plans with us. “There’s a show we’re actually working on,” says Bass, who is developing a pilot for Fatone. But no details: “It hasn’t been disclosed yet,” says a tight-lipped Fatone. Bummer. As for Bass’s turn as a would-be producer, “That’s what I was born to do,” he says. Stay tuned…

Caught in the Act
Spotted Recently:
• Rapper Kanye West, at his own tribute concert at the House of Blues in his native Chicago, after Mayor Richard Daley declared it “Kanye West Day” and gave him the key to the city. Also in attendance: West’s mom and some of his former high-school teachers. West performed, as did hip-hop artists including Common, Do or Die, White Boy and Russoul.

• Designer Ralph Lauren, at New York eatery Cipriani.