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Nicole & Keith Do Vegas

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Betting types might have wagered that Aussies Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban would make a quiet stop at the Little White Chapel on their recent Vegas vacation. But instead the couple got singled out – by drag queen Dame Edna during her show at the Luxor Theater. Spotting the twosome in the crowd, the comedienne joked that she looked just like Kidman when she was a young lass. But the actress (wearing a diamond on her left ring finger) and the country singer took it all in stride, sitting close together and laughing, says a spy. Also with the pair was Kidman’s sister Antonia. “(Keith) seemed to get along well with her. They all seemed really comfortable together. He fit in well,” the source tells us.

Mischa: No Rock Star

One could never mistake Mischa Barton for a groupie. When her boyfriend, Whitestarr frontman Cisco Adler, played the Roxy in L.A., she spent the time chatting with friends, playing with her Sidekick and barely watching the show. “Every time Cisco would look over at her, she was not even paying attention,” says an observer. “It was hard to tell if she was just trying to play it cool or if she was bored out of her skull.” The O.C. star did give her beau one sign of acknowledgement, however. When Adler gave her a shout-out from the stage, saying, “Hey baby doll,” she responded with a sheepish wave.

Caught in the Act

Lost actress Maggie Grace (right), at the 7 For All Mankind cocktail party at Blue Bee in Santa Barbara. Grace was there sharing a girls’ weekend with her mother in the seaside town.

Elizabeth Berkley, at Toast in Los Angeles. While waiting for a table, a little boy told her, “You have a ladybug on your ear!” The actress then knelt down, removed her earring and explained, “Oh honey, it’s a ladybug earring, see?”