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Lopez's New Duet Partner

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Jennifer Lopez recently treated customers at New York City’s Cipriani to an impromptu performance. The singer, who was dining with pals in the VIP section of the hip eatery, ran into restaurateur Nello Balan, who suggested they dance. Instead, Lopez offered, “Why don’t we sing?”

But you had to listen very closely if you wanted to hear their duet. “We tried to (sing), but it was so loud that no one could hear it,” Balan says with a laugh. “She’s very gracious and very fun.”

Bono’s Entourage
It seems like playing high-powered agent Ari on HBO’s Entourage has rubbed off on Jeremy Piven. In fact, during a backstage visit to a U2 concert, the actor took it upon himself to corral frontman Bono into making a guest appearance on the show. “I had to wait for the right moment,” Piven says. “I basically just wore him down. I waited until the end of the evening – it was a million o’clock and I just kind of slipped it in there.” And like any good dealmaker, Piven also talked to the band’s manager and Bono’s assistant. “I just had to cover my bases,” he says.

His hard work paid off. “There we are shooting at the U2 concert,” Piven told us at a party for Entourage sponsored by Cuervo and Ginger at New York City club Libation. “I asked (Bono) if he would say something on the mic. I can’t say what, because I’ll literally be killed. But he actually did it. He’s a man of his word. It was incredible.”

No ‘Chumps’ Allowed
Hollywood has come calling for Jesse James, the host of the Discovery Channel’s Monster Garage (whose season finale airs tonight). But Sandra Bullock‘s beau isn’t exactly racing to join his ladylove on the big screen. “I get offered a lot of roles, some pretty good ones,” he says. “I’m famous for being me, so to try to be someone else? I don’t know if I could do it. If they have some leading role where the guy’s a welder, car-builder, I’m in, man. I’d do Monster Garage: The Movie if I can play an undercover welder.”

For now, he’s content to do what he does best. “There’s no reason not to work every single day – I love to work,” he says. “Vacations are for chumps and clock-punchers.”

Caught in the Act
Andy Garcia, playing the bongo drums alongside legendary Latin-jazz trumpeter Arturo Sandoval at the opening of Casa Fuente, a new cigar bar at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham, signing items from her line of Rock & Republic jeans at the Kitson boutique in L.A. The store sold $20,000 worth of R&R denim in the first hour of her appearance. After taking pictures with customers, Beckham stuck around to do some shopping.