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Hilary & Haylie's Big Sister Act

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Jessica and Ashlee, Britney and Jamie-Lynn – Hollywood’s fascination with sisters is alive and well, and the Duff family is taking it up a notch. Actress-singer Hilary and big sis Haylie – who teamed up for a remake of the 1981 Go-Go’s hit song “Our Lips Are Sealed” and toured together over the summer – are taking on the movie Material Girls, set to begin filming in April. “It s just a fun movie about sisters who have a ton of money,” Haylie told us recently. “They re heiresses in the movie, with all their money. Then it s kind of how they turn into good people. It s cool. It s a funny movie, and we re remaking the song by Madonna.” As for what else she’s up to, the elder Duff says, “I’m working on Joan of Arcadia right now. I’m doing five weeks over there. I’m having so much fun. Amber Tamblyn is wonderful.” Any word on Hilary? “My sister s finally finishing up the Most Wanted tour that we did together in the U.S. She’s doing another leg of it in Canada right now,” says Haylie. “So she gets back in a couple of weeks. Then we’re doing a Material Girls tour to promote the movie. We’ll do that together next summer, June maybe.” Stay tuned …

Over-Decade Success
After nearly 30 film roles, Paul Giamatti had grown pretty accustomed to being “oh, that guy” – but with the success of his movie Sideways, he now has to get used to his newfound fame. “There’s certainly been more interest in me for things, which is great. It’s very nice. When Tom Cruise can’t do it, my phone is ringing off the hook!” says the Yale-educated actor, with a laugh. “It’s unexpected because I was once a guy who played a character called PigVomit” (in 1997’s Howard Stern biopic Private Parts). Next up for Giamatti: Cinderella Man, with Renee Zellweger and Russell Crowe.

Love Life
What’s a girl to do after her reality show wraps? Bachelorette Jen Schefft, for one, greeted friends and about 150 fans at a recent viewing party at Chicago hotspot Rockit Bar and Grill.”I am living in Chicago full-time now, but traveling a lot,” she told us. “I just got back from the Golden Globes, which was so much fun! I sat at a table with the hot gardener from Desperate Housewives, Jesse Metcalfe.” Yeah, okay – but did she get engaged at the end of the show? “I can’t say, but I’m happy with the outcome,” she demurred. “During taping I was like, ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ But now that it’s over, I had a great experience.” And what was her reaction to the news about that other famous JenAniston? “I was doing an interview for CNN Entertainment and had an ear-piece in, and suddenly I hear a breaking news interruption about the breakup. Then they’re asking me about The Bachelorette (for the interview), and I couldn’t focus, I was too devastated! It’s so sad. But I’m sure Brad will find someone who wants to give him a baby, and Jen will be fine.”

Caught in the Act
Spotted recently:
Orlando Bloom, hiking with his dog at L.A.’s Runyon Canyon.

• British singer Robbie Williams, dining with friends at L.A. eatery Il Sole.

Diane Keaton, driving a blue Mercedes loaner from Beverly Hills Mercedes. “She was talking on her cell phone and wearing her trademark black hat,” says a spy.

Bill Maher, celebrating his 49th birthday at Hollywood’s Spider Club.