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Dennis Quaid's Cause Celeb

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Dennis Quaid sure knows how to party. Instead of just throwing a golf tournament for charity in Austin, he made a weekend of it, with a fashion show featuring Hugo Boss designs, a “Starry, Starry Night” party and auction and three days of golf at the Avery Ranch Golf Club. Among those who showed up for the various events (benefiting the Austin Children’s Shelter, Austin-based Any Baby Can, the Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas and The International Hospital for Children): Keanu Reeves, Greg Kinnear, Stephen Dorff (who will appear in the fall in Alone in the Dark with Tara Reid), 24′s Carlos Bernard and Alias’s Carl Lumbly. Of course, what we really wanted to know was, when’s the newly engaged Quaid getting hitched (to bank exec Kim Buffington)? “C’mon now, even if I knew the date, do you really think I’d tell you guys?” said the Day After Tomorrow star, flashing us his signature mischievous grin. Well, yeah, we did. Stay tuned …

Tough Love
On Rosario Dawson’s wish list for her role as Roxanne, wife of Alexander the Great, in the upcoming Oliver Stone epic Alexander? A quiet moment with the title character, played by Colin Farrell. “It would be nice to have a scene where we actually get along and aren’t trying to kill each other,” she told us recently at the Sag Harbor, N.Y., club 21 Water, where she was hanging out with Lukas Haas.

Read It and Weep?
That loud buzzing sound you’ve been hearing is for the upcoming release of Bill Clinton’s book, My Life, due June 22. So it was no wonder Clinton was the star of the show at the recent BookExpo America trade show in Chicago. What we found interesting is that though there is so much curiosity about the book, it appears to be for different reasons. “I guess I’m interested in the personal aspects of his life more than anything. I hope he talks about Monica (Lewinsky), his life with Hillary, what he’s up to besides the book,” New York-based author Lynda Curnyn told us at the expo. Not so for Barbara Synos, a librarian from Indiana, who wanted to know “what it’s like to be President as a young man, with so much power, and then watch someone else running the country and not have any input. I’ve had enough of his personal life.” Once onstage, the former President kept the 2,700-plus crowd laughing. Reading a section on his childhood, Clinton said his editor, Robert Gottlieb, really liked what he wrote but had one question, “Did you know any sane people as a child?” On a more serious note, Clinton urged that “anyone over 50 should take the time to sit down and write the story of your life – even if it’s just 20 pages, and just for your children and grandchildren,” because kids “still hunger to know about their roots.” He closed by saying, “When I was a young man getting out of law school, I said one of the goals I had in life was to write a great book. I have no earthly idea if it’s a great book, but it’s a pretty good story.”

Caught in the Act
Spotted recently:
Justin Timberlake, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Meg Ryan, Dustin Hoffman, Vin Diesel, Chris Rock, Matthew Perry, Christina Applegate, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Sylvester Stallone, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Snoop Dogg, Star Jones, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Michael Clark Duncan, Vivica A. Fox and Ice Cube, at the opening game of the 2004 NBA finals in Los Angeles.

“Everybody’s here tonight, I’ll tell you that,” Tom Arnold said. “The Lakers always draw great crowds, but the finals bring out everybody. I know because my seats were in the sixth row and they’re usually in the second.”