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Daily Insider for December 10

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December 10, 2003
What are you up to these days?
I’ve just been spending time with the friends and family, and just got back from doing Grease in Orlando. We finished up about two weeks ago and I’m gonna spend some time at home before doing some stuff with MTV Europe. … I’ll be ready in February to start recording the next ‘NSync album.

How was it playing Danny Zuko in Grease?
It was great. We had a blast.

Are you more of a Zuko or a Kenickie?
You gotta like both! Zuko was the laid-back guy and Kenickie was the up-front, tough boy. Actually, Jeff Conaway, the original Kenickie (in the 1978 movie), (played) Vince Fontaine (in our production), so it was really cool to get tips and pointers from him.

You’re acting a lot these days. Tell us about The Cooler.
The Cooler’s great. It’s a great film that I’m so glad to be a part of.

Now that Justin’s solo album has done so well, when are we going to see Joey the solo artist?
Not for a while. I’m slowly doing a comedy album. We’re not sure when it’s gonna come out. ‘NSync is my main priority.

What’s the comedy album going to be like?
It’s been on the hush-hush. … It’s going to be like Weird Al Yankovic or Adam Sandler, but with more of an emphasis on original tunes.

Please tell us that you’re going to parody Justin.
Oh yeah. I’m not parodying many people, but I’m doing one of his songs.

‘Cry Me a River’?
It’s gonna be “Buy Me a Liver,” from drinking too much alcohol.

Who says random brushes with celebrities don’t make a difference? Take Julianne Moore, whose chance meeting with a Staten Island man and his son led her to become a de facto spokesperson for tuberous sclerosis, a genetic disorder that causes benign tumors to form in many organs, often triggering brain dysfunction and autism. “I just dropped my son off at his grandmother’s house last April and Tom Lindsey was on his way to the NYU Medical Center with his son Tommy. He saw me, ran after me and told me about his son … and the disease he had,” recalled the actress, 42. “They were really nice people and I was touched by them. I walked away from that meeting and thought how lucky I was, with two healthy children and a nice life. The least I can do is show up at a few events and make a difference.” At a recent charity auction for tuberous sclerosis research, bids on 32 of Moore’s donated items (including a two-piece red silk Calvin Klein gown, a peach velvet Prada dress and a Chanel coat) contributed to the $145,000 raised at the event.

Spotted recently:
Enrique Iglesias and eight friends (flame Anna Kournikova was absent), chowing down on oyster tacos, Kobe beef and tuna tartare at the grand opening of One, a new restaurant-lounge in New York’s trendy meatpacking district. Other guests included Russell Simmons, Gabriel Byrne, Monica Lewinsky and Craig Kilborn.


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