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March 31, 2004
Mariah Carey plays a disgruntled diva in Damon Dash’s upcoming movie State Property II – but the sexy songbird was no prima donna on the set, says the hip-hop mogul. “She’s very professional,” he tells Daily Insider. “Didn’t complain. It’s not the biggest movie. She didn’t have the biggest trailer. It was cold. She just weathered the elements. She was a real trouper.” Carey landed the cameo role just a few weeks ago after calling her pal Dash when she got home from her recent world tour. “I was telling her I was shooting a movie and she said, ‘Where’s my part?’ ” says Dash, who is directing and acting in the film, which he calls “an urban Snatch.” Two days later they met to go over the storyboards. “She said, ‘Just make sure I look good.’ ” Apparently he did: When she showed up to the Yonkers, N.Y., set three days later, he says, “she had the whole set in a tizzy.”

Laughter proved to be the best medicine at Friday night’s “Cool Comedy – Hot Cuisine” fund-raiser in Beverly Hills, which netted more that $1 million to fight the deadly tissue disease scleroderma. Robin Williams, Jon Lovitz and Tim Allen entertained at the event (and donated $10,000 each to the Scleroderma Research Center), hosted by Bob Saget, who lost his sister to the disease in 1994. The America’s Funniest Home Videos king told us he will make a cameo appearance in the upcoming movie New York Minute, starring his former Full House costars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. “It’s nothing really, you can blink … and you’ll miss it,” he says. “They just asked me to do it as a ha-ha.”

A frail looking Rodney Dangerfield also took the mic at the fund-raiser. “I just finished my first book,” he told the black-tie crowd. “Now I’m gonna read another one.” Joking aside, the 82-year-old comic tells us that he recently completed his autobiography, It’s Not Easy Being Me. No word yet on who will play the silver-haired funnyman onscreen (FOX has the rights), “but you gotta find someone whose eyes bug out just a little bit,” says pal Saget.

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Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell, with her husband, Charles Askegaard, a principal dancer in the New York City Ballet, at Manhattan nightspot Marquee on Monday night. Askegaard was participating in the Dewar’s “Man with a Pan” cooking class, in which 12 prominent New York men learned how to make their way around the kitchen.


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