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Crowe Charms the Locals

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So Russell Crowe walks into a bar … No, really. While in Toronto filming The Cinderella Man, Crowe took in a performance by singer-songwriter Slaid Cleaves at nightspot Hugh’s Room. Slimmed down for his role (as Depression-era fighter Jim Braddock) and unassuming, Crowe, who arrived right before the second set, surprisingly attracted little notice. He even agreed to sign a Master and Commander DVD for a Rounder Records rep who bought him a drink – but only if it was the deluxe edition. “Because I might have only just signed certain letters of my name otherwise,” he quipped.

Paris Review
To New York’s jet set, Kathy Hilton is a socialite – but to us, well, she’s Paris’s mom. So when we saw her at a recent party celebrating New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams’s Jazzy Couture line (um, it’s for dogs), we just had to ask about her ubiquitous daughter. How did Paris fare driving cross-country for The Simple Life 2? “She had a blast,” Kathy said. “We were there when they drove home. She said, ‘Mommy, this is going to be hysterical. This is going to be a riot.'” (See for yourself – the show premieres June 16 on FOX.) So, does Paris’s pooch have any Jazzy Couture clothes? But of course! “Tinkerbell has a sparkle tee in pink,” Adams told us. “It has a marabou collar.” Marabou? “The line is called Jazzy Couture,” Adams reminded us with a laugh. “Couture.” Well, all righty then. (Incidentally, QVC lists the shirt at $19.95, and says the collar is actually “marabou-like.”)

Free Association
We caught up with Apprentice runner-up Kwame Jackson and got his quick take on some hot topics:
Michael Jackson: “Like Chris Rock said, we loved him so much, we let the first kid slide.”
John Kerry: “Hope he wins the election.”
Courtney Love: “Hopefully she’ll clean up well.”
Favorite word: “It’s probably a curse word, so I won’t say.”
Britney Spears’s perfume: “If it gets me closer to her, it’s good.”

Beauty Is Pain
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’s Kyan Douglas is thrilled that the show’s female fans think he’s sexy. “I was not really cute when I was younger. I was awkward, weird and shy, so if women think I’m good-looking, I’ll take it,” says Douglas, the show’s grooming guru. “It’s really flattering.” But feeling pressured to look Fab Five-fabulous 24-7 has its trials: “It’s horrible! I was in Florida at the mall, so happy to be home with my family, and hadn’t shaved in a couple of days,” he says. “This woman darted right over and said, ‘I know who you are – why haven’t you shaved?’ I said, ‘Because I’m a human being and I’m on vacation.’ You don’t have to go around looking 100 percent put-together all the time. It’s perfectly fine to wear sweatpants on weekends.” Sweatpants? What would Carson say?