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May 29, 2006 06:00 AM

Rumors have been swirling that former American Idol finalists Constantine Maroulis and Kellie Pickler are an item. Recently, Maroulis went shopping at Santa Monica’s L.F. boutique and told store staff that he was looking for a “rock and roll look” for a “very special friend.” The singer then admitted that he was in fact shopping for Pickler.

As he browsed through the aisles, Maroulis spotted a pair of lime green shoes emblazoned with polka dots and exclaimed, “These are so her.” He purchased them along with a sexy black-and-white dress. Talk about having a personal shopper.

Say Cheese!

They’re not strangers to having their pictures taken by the paparazzi, but Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen recently took photos for charity in New York City. The twins swung by a photo booth at Vanity Fair‘s auction benefit for Free Arts NYC, a nonprofit group dedicated to bringing the healing powers of the arts to abused children. The giant Polaroid images of the twins were then auctioned off for $1,000 each. Also making the scene at the high-wattage event: Liv Tyler, with rocker husband Royston Langdon, and Eva Mendes.

Caught in the Act

Jim Spellman/WireImage

Marcia Cross, having lunch with a pal at L.A.’s Literati Cafe. The Desperate Housewives star, who sat tucked away in a corner, wore her hair in a ponytail and ate a salad.

Michael Vartan, drinking cocktails with two male friends in the outside bar at Hollywood’s Cabana Club. Though women swarmed around the Alias actor, our source says he didn’t pay much attention to his admirers.


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