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November 15, 2004 06:00 AM

The Edge of Reason, indeed: The European premiere circuit for Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason was plagued with problems, beginning in Paris, where proceedings began more than an hour late (we heard it was Hugh Grant holding things up, but we’re not pointing any fingers). Renée Zellweger, sleek in a red strapless dress, told reporters that she was tired of questions about her weight. Two days later in Madrid, both Zellweger and Grant arrived late (45 minutes this time), and walked directly into the theater, bypassing waiting fans and press alike. On to Amsterdam, where the premiere itself went smoothly, but the afterparty was botched when the Escape nightclub was temporarily closed for a security sweep. By the time police allowed guests back in at 1:30 am, the party was essentially over. Things should have come together in London, home of Grant and Colin Firth (and Bridget Jones), but the weather wouldn’t cooperate. Fans stuck out the rain to cheer on the stars: Firth arrived first, with Zellweger and Grant again showing up late. At the afterparty, Grant (who says he has tired of acting) was reportedly quite surly, complaining about his fame and being impatient with photographers. It’s probably safe to assume there won’t be a Bridget Jones, Part III

Who’s the New Guy?
Things seem to be happening for Tyler Hilton, that new guy who just started showing up on One Tree Hill. The singer-actor, who plays his own music for the teen drama, also released his debut album recently, and is on his way to the big screen in the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon (due in April). “I play Elvis,” Hilton tells us. “I’ve been the biggest fan of Elvis since I was a kid. Joaquin is really intense and I was so nervous about acting with him, but he’s so nice. Reese and Joaquin were so nervous because they’ve never sung before, and I was nervous because I’ve never acted in a movie, so we were helping each other out.”

What a Gentleman
A little insight into Johnny Depp: Miramax head Harvey Weinstein says the Finding Neverland star is “charming, and he is an old-world gentleman when it comes to women. With (costars) Kate Winslet, Julie Christie – he was always concerned about people getting home. ‘Are they okay?’ He is just a Southern gentleman.”

Caught in the Act
Spotted Recently:
• Former ‘N Sync bandmates JC Chasez and Joey Fatone, at Wacky Waffles on L.A.’s Sunset Boulevard. Chasez has become a regular at the breakfast joint, where he typically orders waffles with fruit, says a spy. Other recent visitors: former ER doc Eriq La Salle and model Rachel Hunter.

Leelee Sobieski, at the L.A. County Courthouse for jury duty.

Denis Leary, Carson Daly, Steve Buscemi and Chris Heinz, at New York hotspot Capitale for the 4th Annual Bash for New York’s Bravest. Proceeds from the auction ($600,000 by night’s end) went to the Leary Firefighters Foundation. “Denis is a good pal, and I went to this last year and he pulled me (aside) and asked me to cohost it with him this year,” Daly said. “Being with the fellows from the FDNY is just such a natural fit for me as a New Yorker, and it’s an excuse to get out and meet some of these guys and drink beers with them.”


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