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Breakin' Up with Gabrielle

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Though Jamie Foxx’s character in the upcoming romantic comedy Breakin’ All the Rules (due May 14) pens a book about leaving a significant other, in real life, costar Gabrielle Union has her own sage advice on the subject. “My first tip is not to use random excuses like, ‘It’s not you – it’s me’ or ‘We’re going in opposite directions.’ You leave people wondering for years and it carries over into their next relationship,” Union, 31, tells Daily Insider. “If you were just honest and said, ‘I started hating the way you dressed’ or ‘I can’t stand the fact that your mother calls every morning and you actually take the calls,’ then they can go into the next relationship with a clear conscience. The second thing? Change your numbers. Cut off all contact. You have to go cold turkey and allow the other person to not be able to linger. That desire to just have one little roll in the sack, (it) won’t hurt – yes, it will. Finally, out of kindness, don’t debut your new date in areas where you run the risk of running into your ex. It’s just evil.” Well, okay. Did you get all that?

Think success has spoiled Britney Spears? No way, says actress Lindsey Haun, who met the pop star when auditioning for the Spears-executive-produced TV movie Brave New Girl (airing May 1 on ABC Family). “She put her hair behind her ears and kind of smiled at us,” Haun says. “It looked like she was almost shy.” In the movie – based on A Mother’s Gift, the basically autobiographical book Brit and her mom penned together – Haun plays a pretty aspiring singer who has to overcome humble beginnings on her path to stardom.

Cause Celeb
Actress Teri Polo is combining two of her passions – ice cream and reading – by promoting Baskin Robbins Free Scoop Night event, taking place Wednesday at the ice cream chain’s participating stores. “You come and you get a free scoop of ice cream and in turn Baskin Robbins donates books to First Book, which helps out children from low income families so kids who don’t have quite the resources that other people do…(can) get their first book. It is very important, I think,” the Meet the Parents star told us. Polo, currently filming the Parents sequel, Meet the Fockers, with Barbra Streisand, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro, says she signed on for the cause in part because she’s an “avid reader. I will read four or five books at the same time. And my son, who is 20 months old, started being extraordinarily interested in books at 4 months. … He owns close to 100 books now.”

Hair’s the Thing …
Ah, the childhood moments that provide foreshadowing to our future selves. For Queer Eye for the Straight Guy grooming demigod Kyan Douglas, the moment involved … a haircut. “I remember very clearly being 7 or 8 in Tampa, Fla., and seeing this older kid walk by. He had this sort of feathered Shaun Cassidy look going on – and I had the bowl cut my father gave me,” says Douglas, who turns 33 on May 5. “I remember looking at his hair and thinking, that’s cool! I basically fired my father as my hairdresser. It was probably Straight Eye for the Gay Guy, because my sister helped me to style my hair that way, showed me how to use a blow-dryer and use a brush to flip it out.” These days, Douglas, whose book, Beautified: Kyan’s Secrets to Looking and Feeling Fabulous, hits stores in the fall, does more than hair; he’s the Fab Five’s resident shaving expert – but that doesn’t make him immune to razor burn. “For some reason, if guys like to shave against the grain, they feel compelled to tell me that I’m wrong about not shaving against the grain,” he says. “They get very defensive – there are a lot of defensive shavers out there. I’m like, ‘Dude, whatever works for you. If it’s been working for you since seventh grade, carry on.’ ”