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Bono Watches His Tongue

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Bono issued a warning along with the commencement address at the University of Pennsylvania recently: “Don’t get me too excited because I use four-letter words when I get excited,” he told the crowd. “The only four-letter word I’m going to use today is ‘Penn.’ ” But he had spoken too soon: “Come to think of it, Bono is a four-letter word,” he added. The rock star and activist, who picked up an honorary doctorate of law at the Ivy League school, reminisced about his last visit to the campus seven years ago for a U2 concert. “I was wearing a mirror-ball suit at the time and I emerged from a 40-foot-high revolving lemon,” he said. “I guess it was at that point when your trustees decided to give me their highest honor.”

Wet Behind the Ears
Emmy Rossum didn’t exactly warm up to playing Jake Gyllenhaal’s love interest in The Day After Tomorrow – but that’s because the pair spent much of their screen time sopping wet. During filming, “we were in that tank, wet and cold and shivery, so much of the time and trying to keep our spirits up,” the 17-year-old actress tells us, adding that their showbiz naivete didn’t help. “There was one point (when) we were so exhausted we both collapsed,” she said. “Jake said, ‘So this is why those big movie stars ask for personal trainers. We should ask for those.’ I said, ‘Yeah, next time.’ ”

Do You Take Plastic?
Alas, now that The Swan has ended its season, what’s a plastic-surgery-obsessed TV fan to do? Thankfully, the FX hit Nip/Tuck is beginning its new season June 22. We caught up with one of its sexy stars, Julian McMahon, who plays conflicted playboy surgeon Christian Troy.
With your role as a plastic surgeon, do you find yourself walking down the street giving random women and men mental facelifts, tummy tucks and breast implants?
I have to admit I have, unfortunately. (This role) kind of opens up your awareness in a way that you start kind of criticizing things a little bit. I’m sure that that happens to a real plastic surgeon as well, because it is such an exterior-type thing.
Have any of the gross-out operating scenes ever ruined your appetite?
I’m a big eater so I don’t think anything could put me off food.
Do fans come up to you and ask you for plastic surgery advice?
Not surgical advice, but they actually come up and ask to get some work done. A lot of people come up and ask me to give them a boob job or a butt job or a stomach job. That’s what the show is about and people find it’s a way to introduce themselves.
What do you think of the following celebs, who have ‘fessed up to having plastic surgery?
Dolly Parton: What has she had done?
Joan Rivers: I saw her at the Golden Globes. She gave me a thumbs-up, to all of us in the cast. She looked good.
Sharon Osbourne: She’s had surgery done? What has she had done?
Cher: I love Cher. She can do no wrong.

Caught in the Act
Spotted recently:
Matthew Perry, Tru Calling’s Eliza Dushku, Charles Barkley, Bob Saget and Mark Wahlberg, at L.A. hotspot Concorde.

Andrew Firestone, at the Ballard Elementary School fund-raiser in the Santa Ynez Valley (where his brothers’ and sisters’ kids go to school). The former Bachelor auctioned off a dinner with himself at the Firestone Walker Brewery, which went to local mom Donna Beehler for $1,100.

Jessica Capshaw, shopping for lingerie with her mom, Kate, and family friend Nora Ephron, at Bonne Nuit, an upscale shop in East Hampton, the day before her wedding.