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Ashley Olsen's New Life

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No place is too small to give Ashley Olsen the VIP treatment: When the 19-year-old turned up at L.A.’s hipster venue Spaceland recently to check out the local all-girl rock trio The Like, she watched the show from the safety of the sound booth. Later at the tiny Silverlake club, the pony-tailed actress chatted up another scenester, Nylon magazine founder Marvin Scott Jarrett, while Steve Aoki, brother of actress-model Devon Aoki and owner of Dim Mak Records, looked on.

After the show Olsen hopped onstage and disappeared behind a shimmering curtain to say hello to the group before sneaking out a back door with her bodyguard. Also on-hand that night: Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine. (His band’s bassist, Mickey Madden, reportedly dates The Like’s singer, Z Berg.)

Meanwhile, Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted dining at Japanese restaurant Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills with a group of friends. There, actor-director Vincent Gallo stopped by her table to talk to a pal.

Pause for a Cause
Don’t look for Ashley Judd at all the new L.A. hot spots. “I so don’t feel like I am part of the Hollywood scene. I live in Tennessee and Scotland. I have, like, two cool friends,” she told us at a dinner at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The actress was in town to testify before the Senate as the global ambassador for the YouthAIDS educational program.

In fact, Judd admits that she’s even considered giving up acting to become a full-time ambassador. “I know that I am a creative person, but as I grow up a little more, I find my creativity has a lot of different, really special outlets that create meaning in my life.”

Judd has been involved with YouthAIDS since 2002, when U2 frontman and activist Bono approached her husband, Scottish racecar driver Dario Franchitti. Neither hesitated to join the cause. “I felt that it was, without a doubt, time,” she says. Since then she has traveled to countries including Thailand, South Africa and Kenya on behalf of YouthAIDS. VH1 will air a documentary about Judd’s journey in August.

Caught in the Act
Lindsay Lohan, texting furiously on her Sidekick II at On the Rox on L.A.’s Sunset Strip at the afterparty for Jared Leto‘s band, 30 Seconds to Mars.

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, sharing appetizers and dining on coq au vin and steak at a private table at L.A. restaurant Jar.

Kate Hudson, attending a friend’s birthday party at Red Buddha lounge in West Hollywood.