People Staff
February 11, 2005 06:00 AM

Alicia Keys is up for eight Grammys on Sunday night – so who better to ask for predictions on who will take home statuettes on music’s big night?
Album of the year: “I would have to pick somewhere between myself and Ray Charles.”
Why? “These are two damned good records.”
Record of the year: “Might go to Usher. I can’t remember who I voted for, but I voted.”
Song of the year: “If it’s not ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ by Alicia Keys, which it will be, I think that John Mayer’s song ‘Daughters’ is a really beautiful song. I really do.”
Best new artist: “There are a lot of good people. I’m hoping for Maroon 5. I think they’re great. I really think they offer something different.”
Best rock album: “I think Hoobastank is gonna kind of take that one. They had a really good year. ‘The Reason’ was a beautiful song.”
Best R&B album: “Damn it, you know who!”

Location, Location, Location
While Colin Farrell and director Michael Mann are in Miami scouting locations for the big-screen version of Miami Vice, we spied them with two other gentlemen in the outdoor dining area at the Delano Hotel. Farrell – with his hair in a ponytail – downed cocktails and chatted Mann up until nearly midnight, and spies tell us someone else picked up the tab. The group then headed to Sky Bar at the Shore Club Hotel, where Farrell and Mann sat poolside on one of the oversized couches.

Caught in the Act:
Gwen Stefani, at a winter sale at posh Beverly Hills baby shop Lil’ Rags, snatching up two baby blankets, an adult-size cuddly throw and some wooden blocks.

Paris Hilton may have moved to Bel Air, but she has remained loyal to Blush, a tanning salon in her old neighborhood, West Hollywood. In between recent sessions in the tanning beds there, a spy tells us she bought a soft robe by Luxe Baby for $240 in – what else? – pink.

Owen Wilson, dining at Shogun Ieyasu of Tokyo, an upscale Japanese restaurant in downtown Jacksonville, Fla., with five companions.


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