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Alanis Makes Her Bridal Plans

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She’s come a long way from her time as a Jagged Little Pill … nowadays, formerly tortured singer Alanis Morissette is more concerned with her impending wedding to actor and fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds (Blade: Trinity, Van Wilder) than with the old lover who done her wrong. So, what’s new on the nuptials front? The pair is “putting the plans together, although just barely,” Morissette tells us. “We’re thinking sometime next year. I don’t believe in the gender thing, so some of my bridesmaids will be men.” As for a venue, Morissette said only that the wedding will take place “somewhere mellow.” Next up in her professional life: Morissette will appear on an episode of American Dreams and on MAD TV this month. It seems a flair for comedy has been her “back pocket secret for awhile,” she says.

Inside Ray’s Life
By now Jamie Foxx’s journey to becoming musical legend Ray Charles for the biopic Ray is well-covered territory – but what of Kerry Washington, who plays Charles’s long-suffering wife, Della? “I got to spend quite a bit of time with the real Mrs. Ray Charles, which was amazing, amazing, amazing,” says Washington (whom Rolling Stone calls “magnificent” in the role). “She was very forthcoming and open with me, which was amazing because before this film was made, she never ever did interviews with anybody because she really felt that Ray Charles was (who he was) on the road, and in their house, they were the Robinsons, and the two shall never meet.” As for what the two discussed, “I have all these lists that I make when I play a character, like, ‘If my character was a flower, what flower would it be?’ or ‘What’s my character’s favorite book? Or perfume?’,” says Washington. “And I said to her, ‘If you were a flower, what flower would you be?’ And she said, ‘I would be a rose. Because they’re very beautiful, but if you hold it the wrong way, it could hurt you.’ It became a really important metaphor for me in working on the film.”

Speaking of Preparation …
Apparently it didn’t take much coaxing to get Hank Azaria to play Dr. Craig Huffstodt in the Showtime series Huff. The show, which premiered Sunday, revolves around a therapist who questions his life after a patient commits suicide in his office. “I always thought a show about a shrink would be a good idea,” says Azaria. “Plus I think all my years of therapy prepared me for this role.”

Caught in the Act
Spotted Recently:
Ashley Olsen, getting takeout at Nobu Next Door in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood. Wearing jeans, a black ski parka, a long beaded necklace and sneakers, she set her white Balenciaga bag on a chair against the wall and put on a camouflage baseball cap to shield her face while she waited for her food at the hostess stand.

• Actor Mark Consuelos, a.k.a. Mr. Kelly Ripa, picking up Comme des Garcons cologne and a jacket from trendy new Italian label Comfort at the TNT Men store in Toronto’s tony Yorkville shopping district.

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher, voting at a West Hollywood polling location. “No sunglasses, no cell phone, no newspaper, just standing there,” says a spy. “No makeup. (She) looked great.”