Diane Herbst
April 19, 2017 11:44 AM

On April 6, the last voice Michael Elliott heard seconds before he died was that of his ex-wife and best friend, who shared the words she thought would “make him happy.”

“I told him everything was okay,” Teresa Elliott tells PEOPLE. “And then I told him Donald Trump had been impeached.”

“He immediately stopped struggling and became calm and relaxed,” she continues, “and took one last breath and that was it.”

The 75-year-old “passed away peacefully,” and was “surrounded by people who loved him dearly,” according to his obituary published in The Oregonian.

Teresa, who lives in Austin, Texas, wasn’t able to make it to Portland, Oregon, in time to be with Michael when his death came quickly from congestive heart failure.

Alisha Alex

So she spoke those final words over the phone, a caregiver holding the receiver up to Michael’s ear.

Rino Pizzi

Teresa’s ex, a longtime Democrat who spent a lot of time watching CNN, found Trump “disgusting on every level,” she says. “He found him to be a loathsome individual.”

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While Trump has not been impeached, the case for his impeachment has been raised by Allan J. Lichtman, an American University historian who predicted that Trump would become president.

On Tuesday Lichtman wrote in USA Today that Trump “is uniquely vulnerable to impeachment” and that “in the early stages of his presidency, Trump has already begun matching the abuses of [President Richard] Nixon” (who resigned when faced with the prospect of impeachment and conviction).

Lichtman has published a new book called The Case for Impeachment.

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