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October 26, 2016 11:19 AM

With tensions rising as the 2016 presidential election nears, Wilmer Valderrrama is here to lighten the mood.

The actor, 36, stars as a TV journalist in a new Huffington Post satire video that forecasts what a Donald Trump presidency would look like for the American people, specifically in regard to the GOP nominee’s controversial stance on Mexican immigration.

“Following the inauguration of President Trump, Americans are fleeing in record numbers to Mexico leaving behind desolate Whole Foods, abandoned NPR tote bags and piles and piles of unclaimed pumpkin spice lattes,” reports Valderrama’s character, adding, “Whatever the reason, many are just happy to be out of America.”

The video, which highlights the “U.S. refugee crisis,” shows Americans struggling to find work and acclimate into the new society they have created.

For example, a hot dog stand man attempts to sell an American favorite to the Mexican people, without knowing any Spanish,  which ultimately leaves the Mexican people thinking, “We should’ve built a wall.”

That’s not all. The current status in America is causing Americans to smuggle things such as water filters, hummus dip, and The Walking Dead DVDs — but only seasons 1, 3, 4 and 5. (Because what happened in season 2?)

To conclude, Valderrama’s character catches a pretty intense exclusive: “[The Mexican people] are smuggling rich americans to the border,” he says. “The shift in society in unbelievable.”

David Livingston/Getty; Ralph Freso/Getty
David Livingston/Getty; Ralph Freso/Getty


Valderrama exclusively tells PEOPLE he took part in the sketch because “I felt it is our responsibility, as artists, to have a real opinion that people can share and build a conversation that will hopefully move the needle forward.”

Calling the video “incredible food for thought,” he continues, “This is a time when now, more than ever, our community has to speak louder and has to get our respect back. That is why this election is important to me. 

Check out the Huffington Post: Celebs Have Issues video in full here.

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