Alex Heigl
November 17, 2016 07:34 AM

Vice President Joe Biden, a.k.a. America’s rowdy uncle, will be leaving his office soon, and the Internet’s pretty broken up about it.

Because of that, the popularity of Joe Biden memes has been surging across the Internet. And it’s not just imagining the conversations Biden and Obama have been having lately: there’s also a good amount of rose-tinted reminiscing over what Biden looked like in his prime.

Originally, Biden posted the photo above to promote the Affordable Care Act, appealing to 26-year-olds everywhere. But recently, the pic has been getting recirculated because, well, he looks really good in it.

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A sampling of reactions: “I would text young Joe Biden at 1:27 a.m.” “Young Biden had the sauce.” And of course, “lookin’ like he’d steal your girl from you with ease.”

Though the VP hasn’t yet responded to the comments, we imagine it’s a flattering way to go out.

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