Lindsay Kimble
October 25, 2016 04:40 PM

America may elect its first female President in just two weeks, but what challenges does a woman in charge face that a man won’t? Full Frontal‘s Samantha Bee got the full scoop from other women leaders during a visit to the United Nations.

In the segment, which aired Monday, Bee chatted with U.S. former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright about the misogyny women are subjected to when they hold political leadership positions, before getting the world view from Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet and Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, among others.

“Why are men afraid of women?” Albright said to Bee. “I think we’re seen in whatever previous relationship they have had, like the third grade teacher who told Johnny to be nicer, or Donald.”

Specifically of Hillary Clinton‘s treatment at the hands of opponent Donald Trump, Albright said, “When Mr. Trump talks about her in terms of her voice or her looks I think he thinks he’s being subtle. I don’t think he’s being subtle. It kind of gives permission to others if not say it, think it.”

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President Bachelet, who was elected as Chile’s leader in 2014, also shared her own experiences with misogyny, telling Bee as an example, “If a president would be moved by something, his eyes would be full of tears, he would be sensitive. If you do something like that, you’re hysterical.”

She explained that she focuses on both being “active” but also “calm.”

Another more concrete example came from Prime Minister Solberg of Norway, who said that during her early tenure in 2013, when she went somewhere “they would look at the most elderly guy in my entourage and address him as the Prime Minister.”

Croatia’s President Grabar-Kitarović even had her face photoshopped onto models from pornography films, images that were in turn shared in newspaper publications.

She’s also been misidentified as Coco Austin in bikini-clad photos of the star.

“It makes you feel like an object, rather than as an actor,” President Grabar-Kitarović told Bee.

Bee concluded her investigation with Albright noting that even her granddaughter wasn’t impressed by her role as Secretary of State.

Surmised Bee, “Real progress will have been made when our grandchildren look at us and just think of us as boring cliches.”

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