John Blanding/The Boston Globe via Getty
Stephanie Petit
November 09, 2016 03:39 PM

There is some good news for voters who aren’t fans of President-elect Donald Trump and are looking to relax.

Three states — California, Nevada and Massachusetts — voted in favor of legalized use, sale and consumption of recreational marijuana on Election Day, according to the Washington Post. Maine may also join that list, although the count is too close to call as of Wednesday afternoon.

Four other states — Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota — passed ballot measures legalizing medical marijuana.

Arizona voters, however, rejected legalized recreational marijuana with a 52 percent majority, the Post reports. Proposition 205 failed Wednesday after opponents poured millions of dollars into campaigns fighting recreational use of the drug.

In California, Proposition 64, which suggested legalizing recreational use of marijuana by adults 21 and over, passed with 56 percent of the vote. Famous supporters including  Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa weighed in on the decision via Twitter.

Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia already allowed recreational marijuana use prior to Tuesday’s vote, and 25 states allowed medical marijuana.

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