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Alexia Fernandez
October 28, 2016 10:22 PM

Joe Biden ruled out the possibility of becoming secretary of state should Hillary Clinton win the presidency on Friday after reports that he’d been considered for the job.

“I’ll do anything I can if Hillary’s elected to help her, but I don’t want to remain in the administration,” he told KBJR, a local news station in Minnesota, according to CNN, adding “I have no intention of staying involved. I have a lot of things to do, but I’ll help her if I can in any way I can.”

Neither Clinton nor her aides have reached out to Biden to discuss the possibility of him taking the position.

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The Clinton campaign did not return PEOPLE’s request for comment, but campaign advisers have said that potential secretary of states is not being discussed in the campaign, according to CNN.

Biden has been campaigning for Clinton along with former President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. This is the first time he or his aides have heard of his name being mentioned as secretary of state.

While Clinton’s campaign have not made comment, the Democratic presidential nominee has been firm on focusing on the campaign and winning the election.


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