Char Adams
May 05, 2017 08:24 AM

Donald Trump is attempted to put to bed rumors that he hung up on the Australian Prime Minister after a heated exchange during their first phone call in January.

Trump met Malcolm Turnbull Thursday night in New York and addressed the rumors of bad blood between the two leaders.

“We had a good telephone call. You guys exaggerated that call,” the business mogul said of the media during a meeting with Turnbull, 62, aboard the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. “That was a big exaggeration. We had a great call. I mean, we’re not babies … That was a little bit of fake news.”

In the phone call, that occurred shortly after Trump took office, Trump blasted a U.S.-Australia agreement made under Barack Obama to accept refugees from Australia, the Washington Post reported. Trump, 70, allegedly called the talk his “worst call” of the day and abruptly hung up 25 minutes into the conversation, according to the Post.

From left: Donald Trump, Malcolm Turnbull and Melania Trump

In speaking about that call on Thursday Trump said,: “It got a little bit testy, but that’s okay.”

After the conversation, Trump took his frustrations to Twitter, writing, “Do you believe it? The Obama Administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia. Why? I will study this dumb deal!”

All seemed to be well between the world leaders on Thursday, though, with Turnbull sharing Trump’s sentiments.

“We had a great call,” he said with a smile.

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Along with the infamous phone call, the pair discussed everything from the nation’s decades-long relationship with Australia, the Battle of the Coral Sea and Trump’s new controversial healthcare bill.

“It’s a very good bill right now. Premiums are going to come down substantially,” Trump said. “Deductibles are going to come down. It’s going to be fantastic health care.”

The House on Thursday voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act. House Republicans cheered yesterday as they secured the 217-213 victory.

Now, the bill is headed to the Senate, where the entire process will start from scratch.

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