Char Adams
November 10, 2016 08:46 AM

Is there a place for Chris Christie in Donald Trump‘s administration?

During a Thursday appearance on the Today show, the embattled New Jersey governor said he hasn’t been in talks with the president-elect to join his Cabinet — and expects that Trump’s kids won’t join the administration either.

“The president-elect was absolutely adamant about not discussing the transition before he was elected,” the 54-year-old said. “I am not committed to doing anything in a new administration — or not. The bottom line is that I have a job to do to help get the administration ready. If there’s some role for me that I want to do and that the president-elect wants me to do … we’ll talk about it.”

Chris Christie

Trump defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s election. Christie has been leading Trump’s White House transition team after endorsing the then-GOP nominee following his own bid for the White House.

He said that Trump would not discuss Christie’s possible role in the administration because he wanted to remain focused on winning the election before piecing together his Cabinet.

“He said to me — back in May when he gave me the job — he said, ‘You focus on getting this ready for me … and we’ll talk on election night. So we spoke on election night but we didn’t speak about me. We spoke about the transition,” Christie said on Today.

He also spoke about Trump’s children — Ivanka, Eric, Donald Jr. and Tiffany — possibly joining their father’s administration.

“My sense is that Donald’s children, who are huge parts of running the business, intend to run the business,” he said.

“They’ll always have an influence with their dad … but I think that their intent … is that they’re focused on running the business.”

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