Tierney McAfee
May 30, 2017 12:00 PM

A New York City sculptor is under fire after he briefly installed a statue of a urinating dog right next to the “Fearless Girl” statue that made her defiant debut on International Women’s Day in March.

The “Fearless Girl,” who stands, hands on hips, opposite the iconic Wall Street “Charging Bull” statue in N.Y.C., was an instant sensation and quickly became recognized as a symbol of women’s rights and gender equality.

So it’s unsurprising that many on Twitter weren’t pleased to learn that a male artist, Alex Gardega, had tried to, as one user put it, “tear down” the “Fearless Girl” with a symbol of his own “male fragility.”

Here’s what some critics are saying:

The peeing dog statue was put in place at about 9 a.m. on Monday. But three hours later, amid the overwhelming backlash, it was removed — by the artist himself.

“I took it away personally,” Gardega said, according to NBC News. “I didn’t want to leave it to be taken and certainly had no rights to bolt it to the ground. Most people were amused or perplexed by it.”

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“I have a lot of empathy for the creator of the bull, Arturo,” he added to NBC 4 New York early Tuesday. “I’m a pretty happy person, not seething or angry and certainly not anti-feminist. My piece is not without a sense of humor. There is plenty of room for ‘Fearless Girl,’ it just interferes with another artist’s work/vision.”

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