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Zzz! Rare White Rhinos Take a Snooze

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Looks like someone needs a break from all the excitement!

After being introduced, it didn’t take long before rhinoceroses Natal (right) and Nabire got down to business Friday: taking a nap.

A southern white male, 38-year-old Natal was brought to the zoo in Dvur Kralove, Czech Republic in hopes of keeping their resident northern white female, 27-year-old Nabire, company following the death of her previous roommate, a 39-year-old female northern white named Nesari.

A highly endangered species, Nabire is one of only seven northern white rhinos that live in captivity. Though she is unable to breed, the zoo’s staff hopes she and Natal will cultivate a relationship anyway. The pair was initially kept a part for fear that Nabire’s ankle inflammation would worsen if she tried to mate, but since her recovery, Natal and Nabire have been spotted eating, sleeping and snuggling together.

“It is really friendly,” Pavel Moucha, head zoologist at the zoo, said. “There’s no signs of any antagonism between them. They don’t fight for position.”

Let’s hope they don’t sleep on the same side of the bed!

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