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Yvette Nicole Brown Can't Wait to Get Her First Dog

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It’s taken her 40 years, but Yvette Nicole Brown is finally going to get a dog.

The Community star has always loved dogs – and has wanted to have one her whole life – but circumstance has never quite been on her side. Either she was living in a no-pet building or working on a lot where pets weren’t allowed.

Her life is about to change; Brown has been remodeling her new home and will be ready to move in in the fall.

“I’m going to get my first doggie door,” Brown tells PEOPLE. “I want the dog to have a good life.”

Though she still won’t be able to take her new dog to work, Brown will have help thanks to her mother, who will help watch the pup, which will certainly be a rescue.

“I want to go to the shelter and find the dog that’s looking for me,” Brown says. “I really do believe that there’s a perfect dog for every person. I’ll see that little face and know that that’s my dog.”

The actress has gotten an education in shelter pets thanks to her role on The Hub’s animated series, Pound Puppies. The network has kicked off the Pup-ularity Contest, a search to find America’s happiest dog, and Brown will help unveil the winning pet on air.

“I love that dogs are unconditionally loving,” Brown says. “They don’t care if your breath stinks. They’re always happy. Everything they dole out is fair. They believe in kisses and hugs and rubdowns. They’re just delicious.”

To find out more about the Pup-ularity Contest, and to enter your smiling pup for a chance to win $2,500, click here.

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