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World's Oldest Male Panda Celebrates 30th Birthday

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While the National Zoo (and the world at large) continue to coo over one of Earth’s newest panda members, there is a bear on the other end of the age spectrum that needs to be celebrated. 

Meet Pan Pan. This handsome mammal is far past his cub years, celebrating his 30th birthday on Monday at the Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre in Sichuan Province, China, reports With three decades under his black-and-white belt – the equivalent to 100 human years – Pan Pan is now the oldest living male panda in captivity.  

To celebrate the animal’s landmark birthday, the base presented Pan Pan with one of his favorite, lo-cal treats: a cake made of ice. What the frozen confection lacked in flavor, it made up for in adorable decorations. The “cake” was covered in bright carrots and topped with a bear ice sculpture. 

Xue Yubin/Xinhua/Landov

According to The Daily Mail, Pan Pan was born in the wild and was later rescued by the research center. He was also responsible for the male part of their panda birthing plan. Pan Pan has done his part to keep his four-pawed people alive. In the past 20 years, Pan Pan has fathered 130 cubs — about a quarter of all the pandas living in captivity. This feat has earned him the name “hero dad.” 

Xue Yubin/Xinhua/Landov

But this impressive 30-year-old parent isn’t the oldest panda around; that title belongs to furry lady bear Jia Jia. The female panda from Hong Kong is 37 years old.