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Why It's Dangerous to Scare Your Cat with Cucumbers

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I am terrified to touch wet food stuck in the sink. Hey — everyone has their thing.

For cats, it’s cucumbers. 

The Internet has recently discovered that if you place a cucumber behind your cat while it is eating, your feline will most likely turn around and freak out, flying high into the air. This find has led to a series of amusing cat vs. cucumber compilation videos (like the one above). Over and over, kitties are shown shooting into the air as soon as they lock eyes with the green vegetable. 

Turns out these tricks can be dangerous for cats, and what seems like a laughing matter could be a serious problem. 

Dr. Frank McMillan, Director of Well-Being Studies at the Best Friends Animal Society, says that intentionally scaring you kitty can have some sad consequences, including behavioral problems and injuries. 

“[The cat’s] reflex fear reaction is very forceful and the cat could crash into furniture or land on something injurious,” McMillan explains. 

He also says that violating your cat’s trust for the sake of getting a laugh can harm the bond you have with your pet, leading your feline to trust you less and feel unsafe. This kind of anxiety can lead a cat to stop eating and/or stop using the litter box. 

So while giving your cat a good cucumber spook may seem fun, it’s in everyone’s best interests if you just pickle those veggies instead.