Amy Jamieson
February 12, 2014 04:25 AM

Sky is on cloud nine!

A wire fox terrier ran off with the prestigious Best in Show title at Tuesday night’s 138th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, held at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The 5-year-old ginger-colored pooch from Malibu, Calif., was chosen by judge Betty Regina Leininger and beat out six other breeds, including a Portuguese water dog, a bloodhound, an Irish water spaniel, a cardigan Welsh corgi, a miniature pinscher and Ally, a standard poodle, who was named the reserve winner. Sky was one of 2,845 dogs who entered the event this year.

“It’s overwhelming,” said the pup’s handler Gabriel Rangel. “So proud of her. There’s no words to describe this.”

The top dog – whose breed was developed in Great Britain to bolt foxes from their dens – already knows what it feel like to be a winner. She had nabbed 128 best in show titles in her career, including the National Dog Show’s top title in 2012.

According to the canine’s Facebook page, when Sky isn’t performing in dog shows, “she loves to go for walks, run and get dirty, snuggle and entertain guests just by being herself. She also likes a good nap, but who doesn’t?”

Tonight’s dreams will be sweet, indeed.

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