Amy Jamieson
May 17, 2017 11:08 AM

Tori Spelling has dubbed herself the “Chicken Whisperer” for a very good reason.

She has the mommy powers needed to make a baby chick fall fast asleep in the palm of her own hand.

In a video posted on her Instagram page on Tuesday, the mom of five introduces her newest baby — a female chick, who is apparently nameless at the moment — and was a surprise May 16 birthday gift from her husband Dean and their kids.

“So excited this little chick has joined our family,” she writes with the video, which shows the bird dozing off in her hand as she rubs its belly. “Dean and kids surprised me for my bday! Fun Chicken Fact: If you hold a baby chick on its back and rub its belly females will fall asleep and males will fight you. #itsagirl🎀 #chickenwhisperer.”

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Spelling, 44, is among a growing number of celebrities — including Julia Roberts and Nicole Richie — who raise farm animals at home. In February, the actress revealed that a pig named Nutmeg had joined their ever-growing brood.

“I have been excitedly on the waitlist at Oink Oink Mini Pigs,” she wrote on her website at the time. “They have such an amazing reputation for connecting mini piggies with families and forever homes! When I got the email in October that Nutmeg had been born and would join our family in a couple months I literally squealed with excitement.”

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