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WATCH: The Puppy Bowl Has its Own Deflategate Scandal (This One Is Much Cuter)


Someone’s been watching too many New England Patriot games.

At last year’s Puppy Bowl, pup player Brady was caught using deflated balls on the field. The doggy Deflategate caused a stir across the canine world and led to Brady’s suspension from the first part of 2016’s doggy football season. Unfortunately, even when he was out of the game, this pup couldn’t stay out of the headlines. He was caught proudly sunbathing nude throughout the off-season, which set off a whole new scandal.

Like Tom Brady, this Brady’s time on the sidelines is almost up. The former Puppy Bowl pro will be putting his paws back on the field soon. With his footballs fully pumped, and his infamous Puppy Bowl behavior behind him, Brady is ready to show off his true talent once more.

The drama! The dogs! It’s all part of Animal Planet’s the Road to Puppy Bowl. Brady and all of his teammates are prepping for the big event in 2017, where they hope to find some rookie talent.