Kelli Bender
November 09, 2016 01:39 PM

Rats: Even if you don’t despise them, chances are you wouldn’t want to see one lumber past your keyboard right now.

Other members of the animal kingdom aren’t big fans of these subway-dwellers either. Among the anti-rat sympathizers are Lar gibbons, a species of primate.

Two captive gibbons were recently confronted with this tiny menace, when a rat wandered into their enclosure. In a video of the encounter, the two animals could easily be replaced by human college roommates.

The first gibbon to spy the rat tries the classic “shooing” methods, using clean wrist work to try to get the rodent to skidaddle. After these attempts fail, the braver of the two primates blindly rushes in, swallowing its fear, trying to run the rat out of the the apartment … I mean, enclosure.

Everyone lives to see another day.


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