Amy Jamieson
October 18, 2016 01:22 PM

Milk and cookies, peanut butter and jelly, cheese and crackers — that’s the kind of delicious duo Murphy and Goldie are.

It’s hard to believe that the young bears rescued by Animals Asia over a year ago were once “traumatized,” according to the rescue, who is devoted to ending the cruel practice of bile farming. Now, the best friends are dancing around their new enclosure like no one’s watching — except we all are and it’s bear-y entertaining.

The adorable sun bears, who lost their mothers to poachers, were rescued months apart and Animals Asia took them in after their traffickers were caught in Vietnam, the rescue says. Returning them to the wild wasn’t possible because the orphans were too small and they had no one to teach them necessary survival skills.

So instead, the rescue group put these two together. They went on to earn the name “terrible twosome,” as they have a terrific time tearing stuff up.

“Everyone at the sanctuary loves Murphy and Goldie to bits,” bear and vet team director Heidi Quine said in a statement. “They arrived so young that we have seen them grow up — and over the next 30 years, sanctuary staff will see them grow old. They are a real symbol of how big a commitment a bear rescue can be, especially when rescuing bears so young.”

The fast-growing pair recently outgrew their enclosure, so staff created a new space with paddling pools, swings and plenty of trees. In the video, they do a lot of wrestling, climbing and face-smacking.

“Keep having this much fun,” says a message about the video on the group’s Facebook page. “To see you without a care in the world is more than we ever could have hoped for. You will always have each other and you’ll always have people who love and care for you.”

To help more bears like these two, visit Animals Asia’s website.

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