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WATCH: Man Finds Sweet and Squeaky Surprise at Power Station

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DANGER! Not only is this area high voltage, it also contains an overwhelming amount of adorableness.

Michael Finnigan was doing maintenance work at a power station in East Syracuse, New York, when he noticed some strange animal behavior. During the facility’s high-voltage training, Finnigan spotted a bird routinely diving in and out of the area. Curious as to what was causing the animal’s return trips, he went to investigate.

What Finnigan found was a pleasant and talkative surprise. Tucked up against one of the power station’s many poles was a bird’s nest occupied by four chicks. No wonder mama bird was so busy: She had a quartet of hungry beaks to feed.

Finnigan stepped away before mom returned, leaving us to wonder why she thought it was a good idea to set up her nursery next to 115,000 volts of electricity.

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