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Funny Pet Videos

WATCH: Man Dresses as His Cat's Favorite Toy, Cat Could Care Less

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No appreciation.

If there is anything that cats lack, it’s an overall respect for the astounding amount of effort we put into pleasing them. It’s almost like they expect it.

One well-meaning kitty owner obviously saw the video of a man dressing up as his dog’s favorite toy. In that clip, the dog is overjoyed to see his little Gumby come to life as a giant toy that loves to give hugs.

Hoping for a similar reaction from his feline, the man in this video dressed as his own cat’s beloved shark-shaped bed. Sadly — and predictably — the cat wants nothing to do with its owner’s gesture of devotion. As soon as the kitty sees the giant shark, it makes a hasty exit from the room, leaving a devastated loved one behind.