Kelli Bender
November 01, 2016 06:06 AM

Photos with a tiger cub are important currency on Tinder. Selfies with your pet will get you likes on Instagram. For one man, these attention getting tactics weren’t enough; he wanted a sure deal, guaranteed success impressing the two female friends he brought to a zoo in Nanchang, China. 

So, hell-bent on making these ladies crazy for his bachelor ways, he climbed the fence surrounding the panda exhibit and jumped in, reports The Telegraph.

The young man hopped into the enclosure in front of the women and then proceeded to wake up the panda inside. Because everyone knows your macho points are void if you trespass on a slumbering panda.

Displeased with being woken up for the sake of male posturing, the panda, Mei Ling, turned on the man and latched onto his leg. Surveillance cameras at the zoo captured the entire encounter, including the scuffle between bear and man, following the panda’s initial attack.

The rookie Casanova was able to free himself from the animal’s soft, fluffy paws and make it safely out of the exhibit. Witnesses to the incident said the man appeared to have torn his pants during the tussle, but was otherwise okay.

Lesson of the day: Pandas don’t want to be your wing men.

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