Amy Jamieson
October 27, 2016 08:35 AM

Katarina had no idea such a wonderful place existed.

The 10-year-old Yorkie spent her entire life in a tiny cage at a puppy mill, and just recently someone who cares about her took her to this fantastic place that’s filled with mountains and mountains of dog toys.

In a video shared on Facebook by the Hub City Humane Society — who found the dog an “amazing” foster home with a woman named Ashleigh Reader — the adorable pup sniffs around, seemingly in disbelief at what she’s seeing at a pet supply store. (Pick just one? That’s clearly going to be impossible.)

“Her foster parents have committed their home and hearts to this girl for 3 months as we get her dental and spay surgeries done and treat her heartworm disease,” the humane society says on Facebook of the curious little cutie.

Her foster family has enjoyed getting to know her. “Katarina has been making amazing progress in our home,” Reader tells PEOPLE. “She is working on potty training and already loves the whole couch idea. Katarina gets along great with our dogs and cats and wants nothing more than to follow us around all day.”


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