Alex Heigl
May 22, 2017 02:09 PM

Here’s a fact for you: When filming Jurassic Park, they used emus as stand-ins for the various two-legged dinosaurs, zoologist and emu expert Todd Green told National Geographic.  (Green, who has wrestled emus “many times” also advises that in order to properly take one down, you’ve gotta get behind them, because “They kick forward very powerfully, but they can’t kick backward, usually. So you have to give them a big bear hug from behind and grab where their sternum is.”)

That said, these friendly Minnesotan dogs don’t seem to have emu-wrestling on their mind, and they’re remarkably patient with the little ball of fuzz capped with a beak that’s messing with them.

Anyway, fun thought experiment: Think about how close emus are to dinosaurs, and then think about how far we’ve taken the noble wolf away from its roots and turned them into basset hounds. Look at that wrinkly, drooly tube of powerful senses and realize that millions of years ago, his ancestors were probably sharing territory with that emu’s ancestors.

That is what millions of years of adaptive evolution and selective breeding will do: Give you the patience to deal with an annoying baby dinosaur pecking at your ears.

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