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WATCH: Dog Helps Toddler Open Fridge Because Snack Attacks Are Real

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You’ve got a true friend there, kiddo.

His name is Leroy and he’s a pooch who understands the urgency of a snack attack.

In a video that’s been shared over 1 million times on Facebook, the dependable dog serves as a stepping stool for his toddler friend, named Maverick, who is just a little too short to see the bevy of snack selections inside the fridge.

“When you need help … you find out who your friends are! (Until you don’t give them any food and then they leave you hanging!)” says the caption for the video, posted by Robert Herbert.

Carrie Ellen Harden, who is tagged in the video and photos, thanked everyone for their outpouring of comments over the cute moment, and said that she calls these two “my twins” for a reason.

“They’re usually up to no good together,” she said. “What I wasn’t fast enough to catch on video was Maverick pulling Leroy by the collar over to the fridge to get him in place. He obviously had a plan. lmao.”