Alex Heigl
May 22, 2017 04:10 PM

Eggnog is very proud of his house.

And why wouldn’t he be? His house is a very very very fine house. Not only does it have a ramp that lets him get up into his parents’ bed, but it’s got its spigot and water dish, toy closet, and interior track lighting that’s synced with Amazon Alexa to change colors. (Eggnog remains a dog and so variations on interior lighting schemes are probably lost on him, but still.)

Also, he’s already made it his own, by dragging a beat-up water bottle into it. Sure, there’s a closet full of toys, but the trash bottle is coming with him and that’s how it’s gonna be.

Eggnog is available on Facebook and Instagram (both are EggnogTheBulldog), so feel free to check up on his home’s progress and be suffused with terrible, all-consuming jealousy.

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