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WATCH: Big Kittens Take Over the PEOPLE Office

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Lions roam the lush landscape of the Serengeti, while their domestic counterparts roam the dusty crawl space under your bed. But we’ve got video evidence that proves that these felines have more in common than you think, even if only one of them will reach a weight of 400 lbs. in their lifetime.

Our friends at Nat Geo WILD brought three different types of big kittens – a baby tiger, a lion and two leopards cubs – to our New York City offices to promote their fourth annual Big Cat Week (running through Dec. 6). We are pleased to bestow the following morsels of knowledge upon those who are just as fascinated by felines as we are:

1. Whether it’s a white tiger or a white Persian, all kittens wail like a toddler whose lollipop was just taken away from them.
2. All cats – even African lions – have accidents outside the litter box. Seriously, it’s NBD.
3. Felines small and large (including African leopards) are defenseless against the charms of a glittering Christmas tree ball. Thwap!

Watch as big cat wrangler Boone Smith gives us a breakdown of these majestic animals; Arimis the white tiger, African lion Zimba and African leopards Ogre and Betty, all of whom are endangered. To learn more about nature’s fiercest kitties, watch the Big Cat Week specials every night this week on Nat Geo WILD.