Maria Yagoda
October 18, 2016 12:43 PM

There is nothing cuter than a baby elephant with really pure, albeit misguided, intentions.

When Kham Lha, a baby elephant living at The Save Elephant Foundation in Chiang Mai, Thailand, saw her BFF Derrick Thompson splashing around in the water, she worried that he was drowning. Thompson, who founded the foundation, is one of Kham Lha’s closest friends in the world, as he’s the one who helped save her. So the elephant ran after him, thinking that he was calling out in distress. She even offered him her trunk to hold on to so she could pull him to shore. As it turns out, Thompson was not drowning … but thank God she was there, just in case.

Kham Lha and Thompson have a very special friendship.

“Since he rescued Kham La, he spent time to heal her from the mental [anguish] and has shown love to her,” the staff of the foundation told CNN. “It’s not long after that, she [made a] strong bond with him, and accepted him to be part of her herd.”


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