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WATCH: Are These 7 Dancing Kittens the Next 'N SYNC?

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Pump up Haddaway’s “What Is Love (Baby Don’t Hurt Me No More)”, because these Maine Coon kittens are ready for a Night at the Roxbury.

All equally entranced by an off-screen toy, these seven furballs make excellent head-bobbers. In the clip, all the kitties do their best to keep their eyes on the prize and end up creating a can-can line of cuteness as a result. Like a ’90s boy band, the kittens do a jig with their legs, nod their heads, and twitch their cute ears in near purrfect unison.

Watch out, One Direction, these kittens are pawing their way to the top of the International Adorableness list.

<img src=”×450.jpg

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