Amy Jamieson
March 15, 2017 11:37 AM

This week in Snakes! They End Up in the Darndest Places, we’re faced with a cat who is in a serious bind.

As the pair of guys in the video explain, the black cat, named Marian, has a tiny snake stuck in her nostril — and all we can do is watch in horror as these super-men without capes perform a stunning act of bravery to remove it.

At first the guys in the video say they thought the cat had a spider web or leaves stuck on her snout, but a closer look revealed it was actually a slithering snake.

Despite all the discomfort on our end watching this scene unfold — and Marian’s obvious discomfort about being the star of this video — it, thankfully, doesn’t take much to remove the snake, who didn’t make it through the ordeal. Marian appears to be okay.

Until next time (there’s always a next time)!

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