Kelli Bender
November 28, 2016 03:10 PM

It’s time to make a hilarious “pit” stop during yet another Monday back at work.

This delightful moment comes from Our Pit Stop, an Instagram account belonging to a family that fosters pit bull dogs looking for forever homes.

The family’s current furry tenant is Opal, a beautiful girl who came to them seven months ago from Fern Dog Rescue. When Opal the “silliest little hippo” was found, she had very little fur due to a skin infection and was also plagued with a myriad of other health issues.

If you are a new follower (👋🏻) you might not know that this is what Opal looked like just 7 months ago when we rescued her. 💔 She came to us in pain with infected, raw skin and very little fur. Little did we know then that her bacterial skin infections were just the beginning of her health challenges. Since then she has recovered from the surgical removal of a tumor from her foot, been diagnosed with spinal arthritis, slipped discs, and hip dysplasia that we are managing with pain meds/supplements before spinal surgery down the road, and now a broken toe. But as you can tell from my recent photos and videos of Opal, she never lets her health issues bring her down. And that’s the thing about Opal. She’s ALWAYS happy. 😃 Even throughout her frequent baths, vet visits, and medication administration, she is the wiggliest, friendliest, silliest little hippo. @cja205 feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity, thanks to @ferndogrescue, to help save her life. She brings so much laughter, joy, and expert snuggles to our home. 🏡 Tomorrow we are participating @bestfriendanimalsociety’s NYC Strut Your Mutt. Opal will be joining us in #opalschariot, since she’s still hobbling around in a cast. She will also be walking the Rescue Runway as FernDog’s supermodel. If it weren’t for FernDog’s generous supporters, who knows where Opal would be today. Thank you so much to those of you who have donated, and if you haven’t already please feel free to visit the #linkinbio. #whywerescue

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Thanks to the dedication of her foster family and her own upbeat attitude, Opal is now a happy and healthy pup, who, like many other dogs, has displayed a deep love for peanut butter.

As part of its #OpalNeedsaHome campaign, Our Pit Stop put her adoration for peanut butter on display with a classic “dog-head-with-human-hands” video.

The clip has helped raise awareness about Opal’s search for a forever home and has brought smiles to thousands of faces.

Cooking for Thanksgiving is going pretty well so far, according to Opal. #tastetester

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If you have room in your home for a lovable PB-eating pup, visit Fern Dog Rescue to learn more about Opal and put in an application.

NOTE: Peanut butter is a tasty treat for canines, but not all peanut (or other nut) butters are dog-safe. Make sure to only feed your pet all-natural peanut butters with no Xylitol, an artificial sweetener that is toxic to dogs, and no pieces that a pup might choke on.

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