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VIDEO: This Dog's 'Squirrel Song' Must Be Heard to Be Believed

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Let this spaniel sing you the song of his people.

Rocco the springer spaniel enjoys chasing squirrels, as most dogs do. However, we can’t really say we’ve ever heard a dog express his love quite as uniquely as Rocco.

Owner Meghan Griffin, of Toronto, Canada, describes Rocco’s set of noises as the “squirrel song.” Within Rocco’s song, it’s possible to hear the impassioned guitar soloing of Jimi Hendrix, the frenzied saxophone soundscapes of late-period John Coltrane … or even the sound a straw makes when rapidly plunged in and out of a plastic soft-drink cup lid.

What we’re getting at is that Rocco really wants to go chase those squirrels. What do you think his song sounds like?

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