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VIDEO: Pet Psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick Tunes an Ear to Dogs and Cats

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When Rosie O’Donnell revealed her partner Kelli Carpenter had moved out of their home, it was during a conversation she was having with pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick about her dog.

And when Ellen Degeneres’s cat was sick and no one knew why, Degeneres called Fitzpatrick for help.

Fitzpatrick, an animal communicator and self-proclaimed pet psychic, says she’s been talking to animals since she was born. The messages come telepathically, in feelings, pictures and emotions, and over the years, Fitzpatrick has met and talked with countless animals, including Ashley Judd’s cats.

“I must have spoken to over a million animals over the years,” Fitzpatrick tells “I couldn’t even begin to count. I’ve moved elephants in Africa.”

On her Sirius Satellite radio show “Animal Intuition,” Fitzpatrick speaks to animals from all over the world by phone. She does the show from her home in Texas, often from her all-white, king-sized bed, surrounded by as many as eight of her own rescued dogs and cats. She says she gets more than 8,000 calls an hour.

Fitzpatrick recently spoke with O’Donnell again on “Rosie Radio” (listen to a clip here), where O’Donnell told Fitzpatrick about her deep connection with dolphins.

“I’m picking them up as I’m talking to you, and they feel your love,” Fitzpatrick said. “You’re going to probably think this is bizarre, but in past lives, you’ve been a dolphin.”

Born with severe hearing loss, Fitzpatrick didn’t start talking verbally until she was 4 years old. Still, all that time, she was speaking with the dogs, geese, pigs and chickens that populated her family’s English country home.

“To me, the animals could always hear me,” she says.

Fitzpatrick’s sense works the right side of her brain. She says she has to tune into a higher level of consciousness to receive the vibrations on the earth’s magnetic fields, and prefers to be in a clam, tranquil, quiet state when she does her work with animals.

Because it requires so much concentration, she “switches off” some days of the week as a means of self-preservation. One thing that’s in endless supply? The physical remnants of all those animals.

“I never go anywhere without dog hairs on me, darling.”

Check out the video to see Fitzpatrick communicate with our office dog Ethel. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below!

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