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VIDEO: Meet George, the (Massive!) Star of 'Marmaduke'

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One of the summer’s biggest stars goes by just one name: George. Nope, not Clooney, but George the Great Dane, a 160-lb. dog who’s the face (and legs!) of the family film Marmaduke, in theaters today.

Based on the comic strip about a plus-sized pup, Marmaduke follows the adventures of the big dog (voiced by Owen Wilson) as he surfs, plays and finds his way into trouble. But in real life, 3-year-old George was a perfect gentleman, trainer Tasha Zamsky tells

“We started from scratch [on his training],” she says in the clip above. But he learned quickly – thanks in part to yummy meat bribes – and got along with everyone on set. “He loved to say hi to everybody on the crew before we started filming,” Zamsky shares.

While George may not have been the most experienced actor on set, he impressed the crew with his natural surfing abilities – he even rode a wave to shore one day! But for now, the pup – whose brother Spirit shared the role – is happy to sleep and revel in his stardom.

Interested in a Great Dane for your own family? The American Kennel Club and Great Dane Club of America recently issued a reminder that while the majestic dogs are “gentle and loving,” they are an extra-large lifelong commitment.

“Everything is bigger when you own a Great Dane,” says Great Dane Club president Dave Miller. “They eat a lot of food and take up a lot of space in your home and car. We recommend that families meet several full-grown adult Great Danes to make sure they understand how large the breed really is.”

Visit your local shelter to see available Great Danes, or visit the American Kennel Club’s website for information on finding a responsible breeder.

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